A Good Home for Medical Supplies

This week I finally got to send away some things we’ve been holding onto for seven long years. They’re not mine, so I didn’t get to decide when they left, but I’ve never been so glad to get something out of my house as this particular bunch of medical supplies.

You know how we hold onto things, thinking (and sometimes fearing) that we’ll need them in the future? In March we celebrated seven years since the end of my husband’s cancer treatment and he felt ready to pass these on. After seven years, he was able to feel in his bones that if he needs them again, he’ll be given more. And holding onto them isn’t some kind of magic that ensures he’ll not need them again.

They weren’t mine, but having them in the house was keeping that dreadful time alive on some level. I felt lighter and happier as soon as I dropped them off. They’re unopened, so I was able to take them up to GoodHealthwill in Loveland.

GoodHealthwill is a thrift store for medical supplies whose mission statement is “GoodHealthwill collects donations of durable medical equipment and healthcare supplies and provides them to the public thrift-store style.

Do you have something on your house that you’re keeping to make sure you don’t have to need it again? Are you ready to let it go yet? It’s okay if you’re not, but consider asking yourself the question this Saturday.

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