Sometimes Clutter is Really Just Trash

Do you have a rag bag? It was a staple of my grandmother’s home, the beautifully threadbare cotton clothes, sheets and towels that were too worn to wear anymore but still had plenty of useful life ahead of them as scrubbers and dusters and polishers.

For years I had a rag bag too, and this stained cotton T-shirt would have joined its friends in there. But I eventually realized that unlike my house-proud grandmother, who took quiet pleasure in keeping her simple home spic and span, housework and I are like matter and anti-matter. If it’s going to get done, it has to be beyond easy, and the tools have to really work.

Enter microfiber cloths – a gift for housekeepers like me, and certainly something my grandmother never encountered. They dust, they wipe, they do a serviceable job twice as fast and I’m all about that.

I threw out the rags I rarely reached for and never looked back.

How about you? Are the contents of your rag bag seeing good use or are they holed up in a way station for items you don’t want to make that final decision about?

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