Why do you really want to get organized?

It sounds like a no-brainer – organization is good, I want to be able to find stuff, I hate how I feel when the place is out of control.

But when you start decluttering, that often isn’t enough to get you past the initial rush of enthusiasm. You start off ready to conquer the world but after half an hour (or less) of frustrating shuffling, and putting things here “for now”, you give up and the chaos continues.

If you can, take a step back and think about a specific, personal reason why YOU want to get organized, not why you think you “should” get organized.

  • Do you want to be able to invite your grandkids to spend the night?
  • Do you want to be able to have Thanksgiving at your place this year?
  • Are you itching to get started on a craft project you know you have the supplies for (somewhere) but haven’t got the space to work in?

If you can keep your specific goal front and center as you begin, then it becomes a great focus for your organizing efforts. Yes, you could keep that treadmill you feel like you ought to use, but it’s sitting gathering dust right where you could also set up a craft table and work area. So now the decision becomes clearer. Which is more important to you, the potential of the treadmill or the chance to finally make that quilt?

What’s your specific, know-it-in-my-bones reason to get organized?

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