clutter challenge: something purple

ugly doll

Send it away Saturday is an odd concept for those of us who are used to diving in and trying to get organized in one fell swoop.

Every week, you pick one thing that you no longer want, love or need. It’s become clutter, so it’s time for it to move on out. Just one and then you’re done.

It’s a deceptively simple concept that has helped many people start decluttering and keep going without getting burned out.

This year, I’m adding a new twist. Feel free to completely ignore it and carry on as usual. But if you’d like to change things up a little, here’s how it’ll work.

I’ll be posting suggestions for something to look for and then declutter in your home. We’ll have things like “something that weighs less than a brick” or “something that was way too much of a bargain to pass up” and “something you have more than five of?”

If you’d like to play along, here’s the first clue of 2018: can you let go of something  purple? 

Tell me what you found in the comments below – extra points for sending a photo too!

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3 thoughts on “clutter challenge: something purple

  1. Noooooo!! Purple is my life!! I can’t get rid of purple!!
    Except, I have! Many things! Let’s see, what was it in January?? I think it was a stained beyond help T-shirt.
    PS, I found your blog looking for a 2018 in 2018 icon for purging, on Google images.


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