What makes these trash cans unorganized?

trash cans

I think of organizing as having two jobs:

  1. Helping you find what you need quickly and easily, and
  2. Making life easier.

The second is just as important as the first.

If I kept the trash cans at the curb all the time, I’d always be able to find them and they’d be right where I need them on pick up day. But it’s a ways to walk every time I want to add a bag of trash to the can and my neighbors would surely appreciate it if I didn’t decorate the street with my cans 24/7.

If I kept the cans right outside the back door, it’d be very easy to make sure the day’s trash got put in the can. But that’s far from the curb and the yard would look more beautiful if I moved them out of eyesight.

So I keep the trash cans along the side of my house behind the gate, halfway between the back door and the curb.

But getting them from behind the gate down to the curb isn’t always easy. The side of the house is a very narrow space. Add in the fact that the recycling can doesn’t go out every week, and this is a task that can be infuriating without the help of our good friend, organization.

Make life easier. Always put the trash can nearest to the gate.

Yes, you’ll have to walk an extra step, maybe even two, from the house to deposit the bag in the can. But when it comes time to drag the cans to the curb, that effort will pay off handsomely.

Unlike the recycling can, the trash can goes to the curb each and every week. And if it’s right behind the gate, there’s no need to wrestle a full, heavy, bulky trash can past the recycling can if it’s not recycling’s turn to go out too.

Can you think of a simple organizing fix that would make living in your space a little bit easier?

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