You’ve got the list, now get things done!

Last time we talked about getting all those nagging to-do’s out of your brain and onto paper [The Brain Dump]. And I heard from lots of you who really still feel overwhelmed even when it’s out of your head and onto paper. You understand the process of starting small, tackling just a little bit at a time, but when you face that list, it still seems overwhelming and unmanageable.

But in the words of Marie Forleo, EVERYTHING is figureoutable.

Here’s another take on how to make it so.

People who work with me commit to a regular three hour decluttering and organizing session, be it weekly, monthly or somewhere in between. Three hours is a lot but with someone there to keep you on track and talk through the roadblocks, it’s a good session length. Long enough to see progress, not so long that you burn out. You get used to the routine – every Tuesday from 10 am to 1 pm is decluttering and organizing time.

So how about you “hire” yourself? Every Tuesday from 10 am to 11 am (we’ll keep it shorter because it’s harder to keep yourself motivated by yourself) is Brain Dump Action time, or however you’d like to label it.

Put it on the calendar.

Show up a few minutes early having eaten, used the bathroom and supplied yourself with water. Then when 10 o’clock arrives, set the timer for an hour and dig in. You still want to break those tasks down in the simplest way possible,so if the task you’ve been dreading is freeze your credit, think of the simplest step and take it.

  • Find the websites for the credit agencies.
  • Look at the websites and see which one you’d like to start with.
  • By now, the websites have big buttons that say “freeze credit” and once you click the button, they walk you through it.

If you can spend an hour a week, or a month, or somewhere in between tackling these tasks, they will get done. If you find an hour’s too long, try half an hour, or twenty minutes.

The secret is keeping your appointment with yourself, just like you would with me. Pretend I’m ringing your doorbell and you’re paying good money to work with me. Don’t waste that money on bunny trails through the Internet or scrubbing the grout on the counter right now. It’s Brain Dump Action Time!

Give this a try and see what you think. And if you’ve come up with a different way to make yourself take action, I’d love to hear about it. Leave me a message in the comments below or email me at

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