Decluttering challenge: receipts


Stuffed in pockets and purses, carefully collected and then dutifully filed and ignored. Receipts are one of those small banes of life that drive us crazy. This week’s challenge is to get rid of at least one of them. To help you out, pick from the following categories:

  • any receipt from a gas station,
  • any receipt from a grocery store,
  • any receipt that’s so faded you can’t tell what it was for,
  • any receipt you’re saving but won’t do anything with.
  • any receipt for an object you no longer have

Bonus points for any receipt that was found in a jar of receipts organized by month and NEVER LOOKED AT AGAIN. Send me a picture of the jars stuffed with those receipts and then throw them all away. Check there’s nothing you might need for your taxes first, but I’d put good money on that not being the case.

P.S. I promise you not only will you never go back and balance checkbooks from years past using these receipts, you’ll also never compare how much you spent on gas or groceries month to month either. And that’s okay.

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