An Organizing Tip!

notecards 1

Like the persistent whine of a mosquito, sometimes it’s the little things that drive us round the bend. Take these pretty thank you note cards for instance. I love to send them but every time I pull them out, it bugs me that the envelopes are beneath the cards. It’s hard to extract one without pulling them all out. And if I mess up the address and need another envelope, I have to fish around behind the cards again.

But wait! I kept the lid, so I have two boxes. Put the note cards in one and the envelopes in the other. Problem solved without spending a penny!

notecards 2

What do you already have that you can use to make life easier?

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2 thoughts on “An Organizing Tip!

  1. We started to use a lot of standard sized printer paper: so I bought 5,000 sheets at a time. They came in five packets in a cardboard box. The packets went onto a low shelf. The box sat in a corner and collected scrap paper for recycling – for which it was usually just the right size, of course!

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