Clutter Challenge: Memory Clothes

My daughter has a beautiful dress hanging in her closet that she’s having a really hard time getting rid of. It doesn’t fit her and it never has, but the story that goes with how she found it is too irresistible for her to easily let it go.

She was searching for a formal dress at our local thrift store and when she came across this beauty, she knew it was The One. Shapely, classic colors, simply stylish. She hurried to try it on while I milled around, idly inspecting the racks for any more hidden gems, knowing that nothing else would come close.

After about 15 minutes I ran out of patience and went by the changing rooms to see if she was ready to go. It was perfect, why were we still in the store? She hissed at me to go away. I took myself off again for another long few minutes before swinging by the changing room again. My daughter cracked the door and told me to come in and help her. Apparently the dress was perfect in every way but one. It was gorgeous but just that little bit too small. She had zipped it up, admired the fit and then found the zipper was stuck. Long story short, she ended up ripping the seams in order to be able to get out of the dress. We bought it, she mended the seams at home and went on to wear it that night.

The image of my daughter stuck in the dress, furious with me that I hadn’t somehow thought to stick a pair of scissors in my bag, will never leave me. But if I thought it would, I could look at the photograph of the dress and that would bring the memory right back.

So if you’re holding onto some memory clothes because you’re afraid you’ll forget the stories without them, consider a photo shoot and then a drop off at the donation center this Saturday.

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