Make Gift Giving Easier

Are you the kind of person who saves gifts on a shelf in the linen cupboard, so you have them handy at the Holidays? That’s wonderful! This article isn’t for you. But if you’re the kind of person who buys lots of things throughout the year because they’d make great gifts that never quite get given because you just can’t find them, please read on.

Let’s say you have a couple of children, five grandchildren and three good friends you exchange gifts with. As luck would have it, bankers boxes come in packs of ten, so head out to Walmart or Target and pick up a pack. You’ll also need a thick marker pen.

Make up the boxes and write ‘Abel’ on all four sides of the box. Repeat until Betsy, Connor, David, Egbert, Flossie, Gertrude, Hansel, India and Jasper each have their own labeled box. Line the boxes up so you can sort into them.

Now it’s time to go decluttering. Hunt under the beds, in closets, basements and drawers until you find those stashes of gifts and supplies, sorting them into the boxes as you go. Most likely you have more than enough gifts to fill the boxes, but sometimes there’s that kid who’s tough to buy for. Now you can see at a glance where the holes are, no need to buy anything more.

Do you have more gifts than box space? Maybe you have that friend who likes dragonflies and their box is overflowing with dragonfly pillows, and bracelets and baking pans. Set up one box called ‘surprise gifts’ for those unexpected gifts you find yourself needing and put the dragonfly overflow in there.

If you find something you know was meant to be a gift, but you hesitate to put it in the right box, that means you won’t give it. Did that friend move on from dragonflies? Are the grandchildren too old for the gifts you’ve been meaning to give them for years? Hooray! This is your chance to donate all those gifts this weekend and make a lot of thrift store shoppers very happy this Holiday season.

When January comes, line up the empty boxes in the basement. As you pick up gifts throughout the year, put them in the right box right then and there and next year things really will be easier.

And if the sheer clutter of gift giving is getting you down, email me for my free guide to Clutterfree Gift Giving.

Quick health update: I’m all done with chemo! Twelve sessions in the books and now I’m gathering my strength, all ready to re-open the Joyful Surroundings LLC doors in February of next year. Thank you for all your emails and support as I’ve gone through this most difficult of years, I love you all

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