Clutter Paper Challenge: Grocery Flyers

They’re consistent, I’ll give them that. Neither rain nor snow nor government shutdown can deter the regular flow of grocery coupons into your mailbox. Do you save them all? It’s tempting to think that we’ll plan out a shopping list centered around the deals, save a whole bunch of money and eat so very well.

But we get busy and it doesn’t happen. The flyers sit there, brimming with expired promise and they’re an easy Send it away Saturday to get started with this year. Every time you get a new set of flyers, pitch the old ones.

And if you know you aren’t using them even though you want to, they’re guilt flyers. Since guilt’s only function is to get you to either stop doing something or make you do something, if you’re not using those flyers, then this Saturday would be a most excellent time to pitch both them and the guilt. Bonus points if you discard flyers from 2018, double bonus points and an honorable mention if you pitch any older than that.

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