Clutter Challenge: Untimely Notices

They’re most likely on the fridge. But maybe you keep them in a pile on the kitchen counter. Or a folder or a drawer. Wherever you stash any time-sensitive notices from clubs, fitness centers and schools, can you spend a few minutes this Saturday weeding out everything that’s been and gone?

It would have been an interesting presentation for sure. But it was last April, you don’t need the reminder anymore. That sure was a useful list of when to keep your sick kid home from school. But that kid is somehow 18 and out of high school already. No need to keep the piece of paper with the school nurse’s number on it front and center on the fridge door anymore. The trash schedule was useful but it’s out of date now, you’ve gotten a new one. The Holiday schedule at the gym is out of date.

Scan the front of the fridge and the kitchen counters for any and all out of date schedules and notices and call it a good Send it away Saturday.

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