Clutter Paper Challenge: Rx Information

Do you meticulously save the densely printed prescription information each and every time you pick up the same medication you’ve been using for months if not years?

Perhaps you re-read it each time to make sure nothing has changed. If so, no need to save the out-of-date information.

Perhaps you don’t read it but somehow feel super organized as you file it away in a binder or filing cabinet. Ask yourself if you’ve ever wondered about the medication and found yourself reaching for your phone to find out rather than hunting down the file?

Perhaps you not only don’t read it but never have and never will. But it came with the prescription and there’s this vague feeling that it’s too important to throw away. Remember the Google is here for you. That information will be online if you need it.

This Saturday, can you let go of all but the most recent copy of your prescription information? Bonus points for letting every copy go, most especially if you find handouts for prescriptions you haven’t taken in decades.

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