Another resource for your decluttering toolkit

I’ve suggested before that therapy is a more than useful adjunct for decluttering, and many of you have already read my interview with local therapist and Rapid Resolution practitioner Dr. Sonja Hellman. I asked her to speak a little more about how hypnotherapy in particular can help you get unstuck.

“Any therapist should be able to tell you what they think causes the problem you are dealing with and what they think will fix it,” she told me.

How then does Rapid Resolution Therapy think of what causes hoarding?

“You have tried to get it under control. You have tried to manage the mess. What is going on? There are two parts of your mind/brain- the smart part, that can see that the stuff you have collected is causing problems, and the primitive part, which is all about your survival. If you have more stuff than you have space for, the primitive part believes that keeping and or collecting stuff is vital for your survival. That’s why there is so much anxiety when you think about clearing it out.”

So how does Rapid Resolution Therapy help me get rid of the clutter?

“You may know what happened in your past that caused you to start collecting stuff, or it may be something you’ve done for as long as you can remember. It doesn’t matter. Together we come to understand why your subconscious mind has you collecting and keeping things. The conversation is gentle, non-judgmental or blaming, and usually leaves people feeling lighter and able to do things they couldn’t before. Once your primitive mind understands that you are safe and that you don’t need the stuff to keep you safe, it gets on board with what YOU want, and it is easier to work with your organizer to let some of the things go that had seemed so vital.”

Sonja Hellman, PhD (720) 470-1094

While I would highly recommend contacting Dr. Hellman if you feel there’s a stumbling block at the root of why you hold onto so much stuff, I’ve also come across another potential resource if one-on-one therapy isn’t an option for you right now. In amongst the online purveyors of cheesy hypnosis recordings, I’ve come across an absolute gem.

The first thing you have to do is get rid of that “Look into my eyes…you are getting sleepy” thing that comes to mind for most of us when we think of hypnosis. Or embarrassing stage performances that have people walking around like chickens and making fools of themselves. Apparently there’s a new generation of hypnotherapists who work in a much more subtle way to reach the unconscious mind, and the company I discovered, Uncommon Knowledge, has been busy. They have hundreds and hundreds of titles, and the pricing is pretty accessible. While you could spend hours browsing their titles, from ‘Nervous Cough‘ to ‘Stop Hating Exercise‘ to ‘Be More Playful‘, what struck my eye was that they have several topics which seem very relevant to what we’re doing here.

Although there’s no way these downloads could possibly be as effective as individual therapy since by nature they’re going to be generic, I’ve found that the one I tried was remarkably effective. Thanks to listening to ‘Stop nail biting‘ for a week, a 49-year-old habit I didn’t think would ever go away has simply disappeared. It helped that the voice on the download was a mellow ever-so-slightly Scottish accent, which was charming and very relaxing. And at no point was I asked to quack like a duck or sleepwalk, in fact I remained drowsily conscious throughout repeated listenings. I tried it for a week and several months later, my nails remain happily unbitten.

If you try one of these, let me know how you find it, won’t you? As ever, I am NOT an affiliate. I make NO money at all if you decide to purchase anything on their site. While I wait for your feedback, I’ll be over here eating roast vegetables and listening to ‘Beach relaxation‘, ignoring the fact that today’s blizzard toppled the tree in our back yard.

fallen tree

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