Clutter Paper Challenge: Pretty Notebooks You’re Still Not Using

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This Saturday, I’m laying down a gentle challenge: can you let go of just one of the stack of beautiful journals you couldn’t resist but never, ever use?

I wouldn’t ask you to let them all go, that would be too drastic, but is there one that could go? The paper isn’t quite right, the lines are too heavily printed, the pages never stayed open when you tried to use it? The beautiful cover is lovely but not quite lovely enough?

I don’t know why we don’t use these journals. Perhaps it’s their very beauty that intimidates us. Or perhaps we use the notes function on our phone to create reminders, and we journal on our blog. But technology isn’t really to blame. As long as they’ve been making journals with pretty covers, we’ve been buying them and not using them. They’re too good to use, we don’t have a use for them, it’s time to set them free.

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