Clutter Challenge: Business Cards

They almost seem anachronistic these days, but many of us are still clinging to our collection of dusty old business cards. Perhaps the intention is to go through them, to enter the information into our address books or phone contacts. To start networking with all those nice people you met at that local business get together three years ago.

Whatever the reason you’re holding onto them, this Saturday I’m going to ask you to consider whether any of those cards might be out of date by now, whether if you were going to use them by now you would have, whether phone numbers may have changed, and whether you can trust the Internet to help you out if you need to find a business’s contact information?

Some people (like journalists) hold onto every business card they’ve ever had as a shortcut reminder of all the interesting people they’ve talked to over the years. These collections are arranged so you can easily have a stroll down memory lane, in a box or a scrapbook.

Most of us find them tucked into books as bookmarks, stuffed way in the back of the junk drawer or scattered throughout the office in nooks and crannies. Making the decision not to keep any such card you come across from now on would be a practical way to start letting them go.

And if you hesitate to toss a card because of the information on it, it’s time to take action. Put them in your contacts, reach out and call them and then let the card go.

What if the old business cards you keep running across are yours? Keep three for old times sake and let the rest go. You don’t need the proof of what you did.

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