Clutter Challenge: Out-of-Date Maps

The static map captured on paper is almost a thing of the past.

Time was when we all drove around with folded up maps in our glove compartments, ready to pull over and figure out where we were at a moment’s notice. But when was the last time you did that rather than call on your GPS for help?

Countries change, boundaries shift, when was the last time you drove through Boulder and didn’t think to yourself how different everything looks? New stores, new streets and neighborhoods, thank goodness for Google Maps.

National Geographic still includes occasional wall maps, but there’s no need to keep them unless you’re planning to frame them as art.

This Saturday, are there any out-of-date maps you can send on their way? Old triptik travel planners from AAA that are surely going to take you off course, elevation maps of mountains you’ll never climb again with a paper map in your hand, old maps of Nebraska from that cross country trip in 1988?

Inaccurate clutter is irritating. An out-of-date map is unhelpful, so Send it away Saturday!

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  1. jaya says:

    No maps to toss out, oh joy! 😉😀

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