Clutter Challenge: Old Planners

You may not use a planner consistently, but in a chaotic world of surprises and change, there’s something temptingly attractive about the orderliness of a year neatly encapsulated by dates and appointments.

But a life isn’t so easily captured on paper.  It keeps happening, and all the careful planning in the world gets thrown away as you switch appointments last minute, reschedule coffee dates as other people’s schedules change, and spontaneously decide to ignore everything you’d planned to do today and head for the mountains.

That’s okay. Planners are great tools to attempt to corral a life in real time but they’re useless after the fact. Great idea to pencil in a reminder six months ahead as you leave the dentist’s office, but no need to keep an historical record of visits past. The dentist will call you to schedule your next cleaning regardless.

This Saturday, can you let go of a planner from years gone by? And if you’re just not using this year’s planner, can you let go of that too?

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