Clutter Challenge: One Thing

This Saturday, your assignment is to head for the garage, scan the space and focus on the first thing you see hanging on the wall. Take a look at this thing. Snowshoes? Sounds legit, we usually store sports equipment in the garage or the basement.

But this is Send it away Saturday, so let’s take a step back and ask the tough questions: do you use these snowshoes? Or are you holding onto them because although you last went snow shoeing 26 years ago, should you ever want to again, you won’t have to rent snow shoes?

Is this a false economy, given that at this rate, you’ll be using those snow shoes a maximum of two more times in your natural lifespan?

Are you in fact losing money by not selling said pair of once-used snow shoes?

This Saturday, ask these questions about just one item in your garage. Make one decision, and pat yourself on the back for taking that step. All this stuff we hold onto is just a bunch of decisions we’ve been putting off. Let’s make those decisions one at a time with our Send it away Saturdays.

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