Stand Up for Yourself!

A perfectly ordinary looking love seat lurks in your family room. No one really sits on it, it’s just there, taking up space.

And yet if you dare to think about getting it out of your space, this completely average piece of furniture starts flexing its muscles and daring you to let it go.

“I was your Aunt’s.  She gave me to you. You can’t let me go!”

“I’m useful. You have to keep me even if you don’t like me. What if you have people over and you need a love seat?”

“You’ll never get another love seat. You’re lucky you even have me. Without me, you’ll have nothing.”

“I’ve always been here! I belong to you, you can’t let just anyone have me. Don’t send me to Goodwill! Find me the perfect home!”

“It’s wasteful to get rid of perfectly good furniture. You have to keep me.”

“I go with the couch and the reclining armchair. You can’t separate things, you have to keep the set!”

Methinks the piece of furniture doth protest too much. Why are you letting yourself be bullied by an inanimate object? It’s yours, but it doesn’t have to be. Take an objective look at how it fits into your life and see how you feel about it. Do you want, love or need it? No? Send it away Saturday!

What say you?