Task Completion is Crucial

When it’s all tidied up, there’s plenty of space in your place and it’s clear you’re doing pretty well. But that happens twice a year and the rest of the time you feel completely overwhelmed.

Where’s the bottleneck that stops things getting done at your house?

Is it the laundry? We wash, we dry, we fold but do we put away? Or does it sit there waiting to be put away. What’s the hold up? It could be waiting for annoyed teenagers to put them away (you’ll be waiting approximately nine years, give or take).

But maybe they have a good reason for dodging the call to action – there’s nowhere to put the stuff. Too many clothes for too little space ends up with a bottleneck and it’s usually located in the smallest room of the house, the laundry room. Clean clothes mingle with their dirty companions and often the simplest thing seems to be to start over and wash everything again. And if you don’t finish the cycle by putting things away, you can repeat the process every week or so, depending on how often you do laundry.

Or how about the mail? You feel like you deal with it because you put it in a designated spot for incoming mail. But don’t stop there. What happens to the opened mail you’ve decided to keep? Pay the bills, read the letters, recycle everything when you’re done. Take the action that completes the cycle of getting mail.

You get something new. And then it sits uncomfortably, like an awkward guest at a party where everyone else knows everybody else really well. Where does this new thing go? The first part of the buying process is to figure out where this item will go when you have it. What will have to leave to give you the space for this thing?

This Saturday, can you begin to close a cycle? Start to declutter the clothes so clean laundry has space waiting for it in the closet and dressers. Go through the mail pile and take the first step on one of those action items. Assess your space before you buy that mini trampoline that may feel less mini once it’s in the middle of your family room.

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