Clutter Challenge: Anything That’s Still in the Bag

This Saturday let’s find something to let go of that’s currently in a bag. Something like

  • an unread newspaper, still in the delivery bag,
  • that cute blouse from TJMaxx you got last month and haven’t taken out of the bag yet,
  • a bag of donations you’ve set aside to take to Goodwill,
  • a bag of trash, waiting forlornly to be taken to the cart,
  • a bag of discarded papers, aiming for the recycling bin, not there yet,
  • an old bag of cough drops you’re never going to use.

Let me know what you come up with!

P.S. Bonus points for creative thinkers who don’t have anything in a bag but still want to play: any extra bags you’ve been saving and never actually using. Newspaper bags, grocery bags, ugly or heavy handbags, that zippable plastic bag your quilt cover came in…which bag will you send on its way today?

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  1. jaya says:

    You are a marvel! This is how I’m going to spend part of my Sunday. Dig and throw, dig and throw. Thanks for the push!

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