Name That Piece of Clutter!

I found this plastic thing lurking in the back of my junk drawer. I’ve looked at the fridge and the freezer, but there’s no missing bit shaped like this thing in either. I’ve had it for a couple of years and never needed to find out what it is.

What thing do you have that you can’t identify? Let’s throw caution to the winds and make them our Send it away Saturday.

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  1. it is for putting the ice trays in – it hangs off the bottom of the top shelf. i had one and we never used it either, it got thrown out!

    1. thank you so much for satisfying my curiosity!!

  2. orglearner says:

    Hi, Lucy

    That’s a tough one! Instinctively you think ‘That is a special part of something that I couldn’t now replace.’ But I bet it’s a never-wanted part of something that you don’t have any more!

    As the household Mr Fix-It, I rely on freezer bags for storing and – most importantly of course – labelling small parts of things that break off that I plan to fix ‘at some convenient time’. Yes, I label them immediately. The ‘label and bag’ habit means that they are much more of a nuisance in the Junk Drawer, so they get sorted sooner. Well, slightly sooner. Mostly.

    1. Yes indeed, labeled bags are a great idea (and source of more Send it away Saturdays!)

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