It’s Only a Dollar…

How many times have you bought something just because it was on sale? Half price! This week only! These siren songs have us loading up our carts and the trip to the discount store for one thing turns into $20 at the checkout.

Still super cheap, we tell ourselves. Look how much I got! But the dog toy breaks within an hour, the spray bottles are pathetically weak and the chips were kind of stale.

When things are marked down or a dollar, it’s very tempting to go overboard and buy a bunch of stuff you don’t love, want or need. If you then hold onto it all, you’re collecting clutter at an astonishing rate.

When you don’t have much money (or when you feel like you don’t, no matter how much you have), it’s tempting to pick up a lot of crappy stuff because you don’t believe you’ll ever be able to have the good stuff. In an effort to save money, it slips through your fingers anyway, nibbled away by a thousand single purchases that each seemed insignificant.

Look after the pennies and the pounds will look after themselves our grandmothers* would scold as we spent our meager allowances right away on penny candy and bubble gum. But as a kid, the idea of ever having enough money to buy something substantial was like being told you could fly. Impossible, and the candy was right there, something we could have immediately.

Are you still thinking like that, telling yourself you can’t afford the things you want, unwittingly letting the means to do so slip through your fingers at the dollar store and the discount stores, at tag sales and on Facebook marketplace?

This Saturday, find anything you only bought because it was a good deal. Something you didn’t even know existed before you walked in the store. Something as useless (yet as cheap) as a floppy rubber cactus pen. And then let it go.

* English grandmothers, of course. But you can bet your bottom dollar your grandma agreed with the sentiment, whatever language she expressed it in.

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  1. Anonymous says:

    So true. A local hardware store has periodic “garage sales” where they bring in all sorts of items at great prices. I did get a good deal on tarps that I actually had a use for but accumulated other stuff because it was a deal and I thought maybe someday it would come in handy. Of course then down the road you have to remember you actually have that item which you’ve probably forgotten because you never used it and it went into a box. I don’t go to those sales anymore and stay out of dollar stores and the like so I’m not tempted to buy stuff I don’t need.

    1. Yes! Sometimes a bargain is really quite expensive.

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