Give Yourself the Gift of Decluttering

December’s here already and it’s the perfect time to declutter with a Holiday theme. From the tangled lights in the basement to the mounds of crumpled red and white striped tissue paper, anything festive is fair game this month.

As you decorate, ask yourself why you’d keep any ornament you don’t want to hang on the tree. If the tinsel is tired, let it go. Same for the multiple Christmas tree skirts and the duplicate nativity sets.

Head into the pantry and sort through the baking supplies. Do you still make dozens of cookies or has that time of your life been and gone? No need to hang onto the aging icing tips and green sugar sprinkles if you don’t use them. Time to let the empty Holiday tins go too. If you’re not making cookies, you’re not sending them either.

Pull out all the wrapping supplies. The rolls of paper, the gift bags, the ribbon. And ask yourself whether you still wrap gifts or whether the good people at Amazon have taken that chore over for you.

Dig in the drawers and collect all the blank cards. Do you still send cards? If you do, save the number you’ll send this year plus a few extra in case an unexpected card arrive in the mail.

Count how many Christmas sweaters and Holiday socks you have, and assess how many you actually wear. Find the box of gifts you save all year to send out at Christmas. If you didn’t send them last year, why will next year be any different?

An after all that, take a deep breath and remember what we’re doing here. It’s Send It Away Saturday, and we’re on a mission to send away just one thing a week.

Just one and then we’re done. So pick just one thing out of all the Holiday paraphernalia and let it go.  If you get on a roll and want to do more, have at it, but if you’ve found one thing to let go, you’re done, and that’s awesome.

Slow and steady always wins the decluttering race, even in the middle of the hectic Holiday season when the pressure’s on to have a perfectly organized home and the ideal family gathering.

holiday spatula

This Saturday, I’m sending away this holiday spatula. How about you? What’s your one thing for today?

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