DIY Organizing: Homemade Masks

Sewers unite, your hour has come! Unearth the sewing machine and stitch up some masks. As luck would have it, you already have quite a bit of fabric laying around waiting for the perfect project. There are tons of online tutorials right now if you need a how-to guide.

And if that’s too daunting, cut up some of that fabric into napkin sized pieces, grab some rubber bands, and make a no-sew mask like this:

If you find yourself hemming and hawing (ha ha) about finding just the right fabric for your mask project, any piece you pass over for this project has officially disqualified itself from belonging in your stash.

Let’s face it, if you don’t use that stash of odds and ends for this project, you will never, ever, EVER use it for anything else. How freeing to know that you don’t need to hold onto it anymore!

Am I wrong? Might you still use those fabric scraps? I challenge you to start a mini collage or begin a quilt and send me a photograph by next Friday. I’ll feature any project photos I get in this blog on April 25th.


What say you?