About Lucy Kelly

My Dad was on the hoarding spectrum, and clearing out his three-story Victorian house in just a week was the motivation to finally open my organizing business.

Lucy Kelly, Professional Organizer

So when I say I’m not judging people with clutter problems, it’s the truth – I know my dad was so much more than his clutter.

I’ve got organizing solutions and strategies that work for people with ADHD, people on the hoarding spectrum and people who are never quite sure they’re doing it right because they grew up seeing it done cluttered. With my ongoing training through the Institute of Challenging Disorganization and experience in working with ADHD, I bring a creativity that all my clients appreciate.

I can see how to untangle all the clutter and I’ll work with you to make it happen.

Growing up in a hoarding situation, you may have longed to get away from it all and start fresh. But if you’re a kinetic learner, who picks skills up by doing them with someone else, you may have found your own home looks all too familiar. You don’t want that for your kids.

I can help you break the cycle so you’ll never have to sweat the mom pick up again.

Working with me is the way to learn hands-on the skills your parents didn’t teach you – because they couldn’t – and the experience of learning it from someone like me who’s lived this story is priceless. You know when you tell me your parents’ house was “a bit full,” I know exactly what you’re talking about – my parents’ house was too.