About Lucy Kelly

Bookshelves lined every room

Books, paper and memorabilia filled our house. When my father passed away, I realized just how difficult it was to clear out his house while dealing with my grief. He had so much stuff and there was no rhyme or reason as to how it was stored. I had no idea what had been important to him and what was just the flotsam and jetsam of his life.

I’m passionate about preventing others from having to go through the same situation with their loved ones. I take the long view because I know that if you can get a handle on the clutter now, the years ahead are going to be less stressful.

With my ongoing training through the Institute of Challenging Disorganization and  experience in working with ADHD, I bring a creativity and breadth of perspective that all my clients appreciate. I’m calm, compassionate and completely nonjudgmental. I can see how to untangle all the clutter and I’ll work with you to make it happen.

When I’m not helping people corral their clutter, I sing in a community choir, hang out with our beloved mutts Baxter and Daisy, and tend to our collection of cactuses – no small challenge. They love the intense summer heat but can’t handle our winter temperatures, so I know the value of having a basement that’s cleared out and ready for the annual cactus migration.

our dog Baxter
our dog Daisy
white flowering cactus
flowering cactus  in our garden