About Lucy Kelly

Lucy Kelly, professional organizer

Member of ICD, the Institute for Challenging Disorganization. I am an ICD chronic disorganization specialist.

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Lucy Kelly, professional organizer, owner of Joyful Surrroundings LLC

“What a delight! Lucy’s work and support was empowering, respectful and so very helpful. I was proud of the work we did together. To more space in my closets and bookshelves! To more air between objects! To being able to see clean surfaces in so many areas of my house! It feels glorious.”

Lisa K., Lousville


I wasn’t born organized but I figured it out. I love working with overwhelmed, disorganized people to help them figure out how to tame their clutter too.


I understand creative people because I’m one too. Music was my major and I currently sing with Cantabile. Right now, I’m writing a book on how to declutter and organize for people who grew up in a full house. Working title, The Missing Manual. The Longmont-Times Call has run my monthly decluttering column for seven years and counting.


Previous family medical issues have sharpened my awareness that, as the saying goes, we’re all just walking each other home. I have absolutely zero interest in judging you for how your home is right now; I’m too busy feeling focused and excited about how we’ll get it to work for you.

My Dad was on the hoarding spectrum, and clearing out his three-story Victorian house in just a week was the motivation to finally open my organizing business.

So when I say I’m not judging people with clutter problems, it’s the truth. I know my dad was so much more than his clutter. I know you are too.

My organizing method works for people with ADHD, people on the hoarding spectrum, and people who are never quite sure they’re doing it right because they grew up seeing it done cluttered.

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You’ll never have to sweat the mom pick up again

Working with me is the way to learn the skills your parents didn’t teach you because they couldn’t.

Growing up in a hoarding situation, you may have longed to get away from it all and start fresh. But if you’re a kinetic learner, who picks skills up by doing them with someone else, you may have found your own home looks all too familiar. You don’t want that for your kids.

The experience of learning how to get organized from someone like me who’s lived this story is priceless. You know when you tell me your parents’ house was “a bit full,” I know exactly what you’re talking about. My parents’ house was too.

I offer a free 30 minute in-home consultation so you can see for yourself I won’t judge you. Contact me to learn more.