yellow gray blue t-shirts on hangers in an orderly row

Getting Unstuck

Carol's closet was full.* Although she adored clothes, she knew some of her favorites had become more sentimental than usable. She was eager to thin the ranks so she could find what she wanted. She worked enthusiastically for our first…

yellow porcelain salt and pepper shakers with smiling faces bright red lipstick

Organizing With Pictures While We Wait

It's so easy to put off taking action when everything seems this uncertain but there's usually something you can do to keep the decluttering and organizing process going. This week, let's use our phones or cameras to organize. Something You're…

wooden dresser stored in unfinished basement

Thing Purgatory

Are you still punishing your things for not being quite right? Instead of releasing them to find new homes or go to their final resting place, have you opened up a branch of Purgatory in your basement where the things…

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