Work With Me

If you’re reading this because you need to pass an inspection next week, I reluctantly recommend you find a clean out specialist. Reluctantly, because it’ll be stressful, expensive and traumatic, but it’s the only way to get a full house to pass such an inspection.

If you’re ready to make a change and you’re not up against an impossible deadline, here are the guidelines for clients who are living with scant or no pathways, and a significant amount of possessions that makes using rooms for their intended functions problematic:

Call or Email Me

I ask that you contact me directly either by phone or email. We’ll set up a free 30 minute in home consultation. Letting me in for this consultation will be the hardest part of our work together but once you see for yourself that I won’t judge you, your relief will be palpable.

Try It Out

After your consultation, we’ll schedule an initial three hour session. This gives you an opportunity to experience a decluttering session for yourself and for us to make sure we’re a good fit. 

Get to Work

If you like what we were able to accomplish in that first session – most people are thrilled –  we’ll go ahead and schedule four more sessions, meeting weekly over the next month. 

Check In

Although more sessions will be needed, I’m not in this business to scare people so if you find you’re still experiencing significant anxiety about decluttering after these first five consecutive sessions, we may not be the best fit. We’ll take stock after you’ve finished your first package.

Keep Going

It’s important for the success of your project that we maintain the momentum. If we were to spread your sessions out and work every month (or longer), your project would stall. It’s far more cost effective to put your time, energy and resources upfront so we get you the results you’re looking for as quickly and efficiently as we can.

Build Skills

I ask for a commitment to follow through on mutually agreed tasks between our sessions. These tasks will be very small, purposely designed not to be overwhelming and we’ll come up with them together, adjusting as we go. I’ve learned that if assigned tasks go unaddressed, there’s little chance of us making a permanent change in the hoarding behavior. If you’re already working with a therapist, please be sure to discuss any issues decluttering is bringing up for you with them. If you don’t have a therapist, I can provide referrals.


I do not work in situations where there’s an excessive amount of cat dander, where there is rodent or bed bug infestation, or where mold/mildew are present.

What to Expect

Calm, compassionate and creative assistance with learning to let things go.

Hands-on work as side by side, we process your possessions together.

Cheerful, encouraging, caring support as you makes these changes.


You’re the decision maker and nothing leaves the house without your permission.

Donation Assistance

After each session, I take a full trunk load of donations to the thrift store. I can also recommend consignment options locally if you’re interested in that option.

Complete Confidentiality

My car doesn’t advertise my business and I don’t discuss client identity or affairs with others. If you and your therapist decide that a discussion with me would be useful, I’m honored to participate and completely respect your privacy.

A House That Works for You

The goal isn’t magazine cover perfectionism or extreme minimalism, but for you to be able to live happily, safely and functionally in your space.

You’ll be able to find things with ease. No more wasting money on duplicates of things you know you already have.

Connect With People Again

Taking care of this problem means the end of a source of significant tension with family members who share your space.

You regain the choice to welcome friends and relatives into your space without shame or embarrassment.

Happiness and increased self-confidence are natural by products of this work. How good is it going to feel to stop clutter from ruling the roost? I’ve watch client after client go from feelings of dejected  hopelessness and self-criticism to joyful self-respect, knowing they’ve conquered a long-standing problem and can get on with their lives without the burden of all that clutter.

I’m on your side and I want you to succeed

I’ve learned that the way I help people declutter works over the long haul. It’s a process and I know how to keep the end result in sight, and how we’re going to get there. Changing behavior can be difficult, but I also know it can be done with the right framework.