Do you work with hoarders? 

I often get asked if I work with “hoarders” and my answer is that it depends on your definition of a person with a hoarding disorder. My guiding principle is that if you’re not ready for change, you wouldn’t be calling me. I work with my clients so it’s essential that you want to declutter and get organized for yourself and aren’t just bowing to the pressure of family and friends. It’s why I don’t offer gift certificates.

Take a look at this link from the International OCD Foundation which illustrates in easy-to-rate photographs the degrees of clutter that can build up: clutter hoarding scale. I see all sorts of houses with all sorts of clutter and I have the skills and strategies to help you make a change. As a member of the National Association of Professional Organizers and the Institute for Chronic Disorganization, I have access to a wide range of professional support and ongoing training. I have a wonderful team of therapists I can refer you to if the issues behind the clutter are bigger than just being overwhelmed or having ADHD. Working with a counselor to sort out any issues while clearing the clutter and setting up systems can be highly effective if past issues come up during the course of our work together.

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