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FAQs: Why you should never skip the FAQ page

When you’re looking for a professional organizer, don’t skip their FAQs page. It’s a quick and easy way to see if this organizer’s The One.

Meta FAQ: How do I find the right organizer for me?

One person’s recommend-to-everyone professional organizer is another’s meh-got-the-job-done PO. Almost any organizer will be both of these, depending on the fit. Getting this right is as important as picking your therapist/doctor/life coach.

Nuts and bolts FAQs

Once you’ve found someone you think you can work with, you’re going to have logistical questions. Don’t ignore their FAQ page, because it’s going to save you a lot of time. No use getting all excited about someone if they don’t do virtual organizing and that’s what you need.

You’ll see my coverage area, my rates, my cancellation policy – all the sorts of details you need to know but don’t necessarily want to wait for someone to call you back about.

FAQs tell you who this person is

You can tell a lot about an organizer’s style by the way they answer broader questions.

Are they a drill sergeant?

You might be looking for that, or it might be upsetting to you. Either way, wouldn’t you rather know upfront?

Are they judgmental?

Keep your spidey sense open as you explore their website. Look at blog posts and throughout the site, not just the bit where they tell you they’re not judgmental. Listen to your gut.

Good to know: If this FAQ doesn’t get addressed, this is most likely an organizer who works with busy people who are pressed for time. If it gets addressed, the organizer understands that you’ve tried to do this yourself and given all the time in the world, you’d still want some help.

What if there’s no FAQs page?

Not everyone has an FAQs page and that’s information too. Sometimes you have a question that’s make or break, non-negotiable, doesn’t matter how anyone tries to persuade you otherwise.

  • Where the organizer works
  • Whether they offer in-person or virtual organizing
  • What their rates are

When you live outside of the coverage area of an organizer who doesn’t do virtual organizing, wouldn’t you rather know that upfront so you can continue the search?

Knowing what an organizer charges saves you time and energy. If you’re not in the same ballpark, this isn’t the organizer for you no matter how much you like them. How many other service providers do you consider hiring without knowing their fees before you contact them?

Did I miss your question?

FAQ pages range from never-ending pages that scroll down forever to those that highlight just a few key FAQs. Never be afraid to contact an organizer directly if you don’t see your question on the FAQs page of an organizing website. Getting organized is sensitive, important work and you need to find the right person to help you.


  1. I love the way you think and explain things. And the FAQs as you described sound great! It’s funny but I don’t have an FAQ page, but I do have many blog posts about these topics- such as how I work or how to find a PO that’s right for you.

    I developed an FAQ sheet for new clients. It goes to them before their first session. I haven’t considered putting that info on my website, but it’s something to think about. Thanks for the inspiration.

    1. I’ve gone back and forth about whether I have an FAQ page on my website too, Linda. I also have another FAQ sheet I give clients when we start working together. I do like having the information on my website because it saves everyone time.

  2. This was one of the first pages I created for my website. Funny enough, I created videos for each FAQ on YouTube as well. One of those videos has ten thousand views and people contact me frequently asking about how I started my business. It’s pretty wild because the video was meant for potential clients to lean about my organizing background. I digress… FAQ is super important, IMO. Clients need to get a complete picture of who they could be working with, as well as logistical things that you pointed out.

  3. I had an initial conversation with someone recently that was going REALLY well until they mentioned they could only schedule on weekends – and I don’t work on weekends (cue the sad trombone). I definitely need to update that somewhere in my info! Overall great post about the things to check out when you’re looking for that organizer match made in heaven.

    1. It’s a work in progress, isn’t it! I used to have one with at least twenty FAQs, now it’s a little shorter. I love reading FAQ pages because it’s such a great chance to either be generic or let us know who you might be.

  4. I love this! Great guidance for both the client and organizer. As an organizer, I am reworking the services page on my website so this is right on my radar. I’m waiting until I have completely created my services pages until I flesh out a FAQs page. Posting this on Linked In for other business owners.

  5. This is really great advice! Although you’re directly explaining to potential clients why they should read the FAQ page, you’re also indirectly explaining to business owners why they need such a page on their websites. I’ll be sharing this on my Facebook page!

      1. Ah! I thought maybe you had one too many prospective clients email you and ask you about stuff that is spelled out on your website. šŸ˜‰


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