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Get Things Moving

Ah, January! Month of fresh starts and hopeful dreams. If this is the year you’re going to get organized, honest and for true, consider making this a Year of Action.

Instead of holding onto things for that yard sale you’re going to have one day,  go ahead and have a yard sale. So, your Send it away Saturday assignment is to spend some time each Saturday preparing for that. Get it on the calendar, then spend a few minutes sticking on price tags each Saturday, going through the piles to see what’s likely to sell and what should be pitched, and so on.

Instead of accumulating a pile of items you’re going to sell on eBay, make this the year you do so. Make it your goal to get one item to the mailbox each Saturday.

If those piles of presents haven’t been given, why then, give them! Every Saturday, either mail or drop off one gift.

If the stack of magazines to be read is teetering and threatening to spill all over the living room, then this is your Year of Reading and Send it away Saturday means 30 minutes of reading and then recycling each Saturday until the pile has gone.

Shred the pile of papers that have been hanging out forever in the ‘shred me’ pile. If that pile’s overwhelming, and most likely it is otherwise it wouldn’t keep growing, then Send it away Saturday for you means shredding a handful of papers each Saturday. Just a few, but every Saturday.

If the stack of torn out and printed out recipes hasn’t gotten any smaller in the last few years, then your Send it away Saturday assignment is to cook one of those recipes each Saturday. Discard the ones you keep passing over to try.

If some of your clutter is unfinished projects, then tackle one of them each Saturday. Just for 20 minutes, nothing too stressful, but you’ll be amazed at what get done when you come back to a project regularly. Start putting those shelves together, replace the batteries in the remote, spend 20 minutes knitting.

And of course, there’s always a place for Send it away Saturday, the day when we find one thing to let go of. Just one and then you’re done. This year, join the crowd who email me each week when they find something to let go of. I’m cheering you on.


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