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Holiday Clutter Challenge part 2

How did you get on with last week’s Send it away Saturday challenge? I enjoyed seeing your pictures and hearing about your Holiday discards! This week, the challenge gets a little more specific but it’s still within the general umbrella of Holiday Clutter. See if you can find something to send away that you were keeping for your Thanksgiving meal and didn’t use.

  • Apples that never jumped into a pie crust.
  • Those cans of pumpkins you got on sale after Thanksgiving 2016 (or before), still lined up like brave little soldiers waiting to become pie filling.
  • roasting pans that didn’t get used after all – if you found one of these last week, see if you can find an extra turkey baster you won’t use.
  • cans of cranberry sauce that missed their chance yet again.
  • a bag of fresh cranberries you decided not to bother with.
  • something to do with the meal that made you distinctly ungrateful this time around. An oven mitt that was too frayed – you’ve got the burn to prove it. A pie dish that was too shallow for the pie filling to fill – as it has always as been. The cracked ladle that leaked gravy on the tablecloth. The tablecloth with those gravy stains. That tired centerpiece you keep forgetting to put out. All these things made you a little less thankful this time around – don’t let their shortcomings be part of next Thanksgiving too.

We all understand that Thanksgiving was different this time but don’t let that be your excuse to put off finding one thing – just one and then you’re done – to declutter. When things are back to usual, you’re still not going to want to have weak oven mitts and dusty center pieces no matter how many people you fit round your groaning board. Take a moment to find something to let it go off this Saturday and send me pictures if you like and it motivates you.


  1. I’ve just read an article about how many people are decorating earlier and/or more elaborately than usual this year. With that in mind, I can’t help but wonder if we can use this to determine whether a Christmas decoration is worth keeping: If you didn’t use it for Christmas 2020, you’ll never use it!

  2. I had a bag of cranberries in my freezer from last year. I decided that couldn’t be good anymore, so I bought a new bag. Now I need to go back and throw that one from the freezer away!


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