white pillows on a bed

Holiday Clutter Challenge part 3

This week, the clutter challenge heads for the spare room. If you don’t have a designated guest room, it’s the room where someone would stay if they came for a visit. Keeping the game’s rules in mind – find one thing to let go, just one, turn your attention to the supplies you have stuffed in the closet of that room.

  • lumpy pillows with yellow stains.
  • unopened packs of sheet sets in colors you almost like and sizes that almost fit the beds you have.
  • decorative pillows and cushions, none of them quite lovely enough to ever see active use.
  • scratchy blankets and tiny throws.
  • lampshades missing a base.
  • short comforters.
  • dusty bedside books no one’s ever going to read.
  • the stash of toothbrushes the dentist has given your kids over the years.

Out of all that, what can you let go of this Saturday? Just one thing, then you’re done.


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