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Holiday Clutter Challenge

Mid-November through Mid-January is tough and expensive. It’s cold, often overcast and there are all those Holidays. There’s desire and pressure to buy gifts for anyone you can think of whether or not they want or need what you get them, cards to write and special meals to prepare. Even without Covid-19 restrictions in place, the joys and stresses of the whole NoDecJan holiday season are a lot to deal with. Now we have to figure out how to do it all and still stay safe.

Super stressful and when we get stressed out, regular decluttering takes a seat way in the back. But there’s still all this stuff and you’re here because you want something quick and easy you can do to keep clutter at bay and get through this season so when 2021 gets here (can’t be fast enough), you’re not in a more cluttery position than you are right now.

Send it away Saturday to the rescue – for the next eight weeks, let’s find one thing to let go of every Saturday. Just one and then you’re done. It can be anything from an extra paperclip to one of those Christmas trees down in the basement. I’ll suggest a topic each week but you get full points for sending anything at all away each Saturday.

Week One: Your Send it Away Saturday challenge is to find something with a Holiday theme that you no longer care to have taking up space in your home. Possibilities include:

  • faded, fraying napkins you won’t put out for any meal this season
  • torn tree skirts
  • ornaments you never put on any tree
  • cards you know you won’t send
  • roasting pans that haven’t been used in ten years
  • any amount of tired tinsel
  • themed doormats that you keep forgetting to put out for the appropriate holiday.

Remember, I’m only asking you to pick one thing this Saturday. If you can’t find anything, your challenge is simple – send me a photograph of your table set with the dusty old napkins, your tree with its torn tree skirt and a photo of the empty ornament box. Capture the moment you use that roaster, standing on a themed mat to save your feet. Show me that tinsel bedecking the mantel and those cards, stamped and sitting in your mailbox waiting to be picked up.

It might be easier to find something to let go of. I’d love to see a picture of that too.


  1. I love earmarking a day to send things on their way, and not JUST clutter, but things that become clutter if we don’t have a path to get them gone! (Library books are a great self-cleaning item; you return them so you can get more.) Great stuff!

  2. So smart to suggest getting started on this now, before the holiday clutter arrives. A fun slogan like this helps us remember what we want to do. I just put a couple of bags together to be picked up the Vietnam Veterans tomorrow. Count me in!

  3. I feel like I got a jumpstart because we recently let go of a roasting pan that wasn’t being used. In fact, I don’t think it was ever used. Up next will be my vase collection. They have populated again in the past year. I love the Saturday challenge! What a great idea.


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