How do you protect my confidentiality? 

I believe that within a few years the stigma over needing help with decluttering and organizing will be completely gone. But we’re not quite there yet. Our society still expects that women are all naturally good organizers and we can feel some shame if we happen to need help. I understand that although you’re excited to start working to declutter and organize, you’d rather not let the whole neighborhood know just yet.

And so that’s why my car doesn’t advertise what I do.

If you read a story or see a “before and after” anywhere (website, blog or newsletter), those aren’t the real names.

If you hear me talk about organizing anywhere, I don’t use my clients’ real names or any details that could identify them.

If you hear me tell you a story about another client to inspire you, same deal.

I hope that as we work together you’ll go from being ashamed of needing help with organizing (if you are) to being ready to shout it from the rooftops that you have tons of other skills and so what if organizing isn’t your favorite? You’re learning ways that work for you and you have this awesome organizer you can’t wait to tell everyone about.

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