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When you’re overwhelmed, it’s easier to put things off for another day

“The cupboards are a mess. I’ll get groceries tomorrow.” Result: Let’s just eat out. Again. 

“I hate living here, there’s stuff everywhere. My bedroom needs to be an oasis in this sea of clutter.  Hmmm, these drapes are so cute, they’ll go with that sheet set I bought last week and then my bedroom will look perfect. Once I get a few things out of there. Oooh, hand towels are on sale too!” Result: Another few bags get added to the pile of items to be returned, never quite making it out of the bag or back to the store.

It’s how we try to cope when things are a mess and we don’t know where to start

But I do. I’ll help you find what you love, want and need and let the rest go.

I’ll save you money

Clients tally up their spending (yes, that’s a thing) and tell me they save astonishing amounts of money now they’re not shopping as a hobby or a distraction anymore or paying for storage.

If you have a storage unit (maybe you have more than one?) in Boulder County or Longmont, you’ll pay at least $250 a month to warehouse your stuff.

That’s $3,000 a year. $15,000 for five years. And all you get for that price is to avoid making decisions about your stuff. To save thousands of dollars a year, I’m ready to make some decisions — are you? I can help you figure out what can go, what you still need and where we’re going to put it all.

The next step

Check out the frequently asked questions page and get the answers to all your questions. Then call Lucy Kelly at (720) 526-2114. If you prefer, email lucy@joyfulsurroundingsllc.com. We’ll set up a convenient time for your free 30 minute in-home consultation.  

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