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Organizing With Pictures While We Wait

It’s so easy to put off taking action when everything seems this uncertain but there’s usually something you can do to keep the decluttering and organizing process going. This week, let’s use our phones or cameras to organize.

Something You’re Storing for Someone Else

Maybe that massive dresser you’re saving in the basement for your son to collect. It’s been there for five years, how can taking a picture of it now help you get it out of there?

Take a picture of the thing. Text the owner the picture and these words: “Hi, hope you’re doing well. I’m doing some clearing out and I remembered I still have your [insert name of large unwieldy object of theirs you’ve had in your basement lo these twenty years]. Do you still want it?”

They may ignore your text for a while but eventually they’ll text about something else and you can mention it again. They’ll either say they want it, or they don’t.

Them: “Yes, I want it.”

You: “Great. I’ll put a note in my planner to set up a time for you to come get it once this whole thing is over.”

Them: “Oh, I forgot I had that there. Nope, I don’t need that anymore.”

You: “Great. I’ll put a note in my planner to set up a time for you to come get it out of here once this whole thing is over.”

You’ve planted the idea in their mind that this item is leaving your space. By the time we can all go about our business again, you can remind them again.

Something You Keep Meaning to Sell

You’ve got time on your hands, so spiff it up. Polish the wood, make sure there’s no dust on the shoulders of that suit, take a picture of the item in the best light you can so it looks great.

Save the photo. Once things get moving again, you’ve already taken that first crucial step to getting something sold or consigned.

Something You Want to Remember But Don’t Need to Keep

If there’s anything you’ve been saving because you don’t want to forget the memories that come with it, now’s the time to make an online album with photographs of your extensive salt and pepper shaker collection. The second Goodwill opens again, the originals can go, unless you’re enjoying all that dusting, and you’ll still have an easy way to look at them.


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