I Believe You Deserve a Clutter Free, Organized Home

That finding your things shouldn’t be an issue. That you should be able to invite people over without feeling embarrassed.

If Clutter is Holding You Back, I Can Help

How do you know when it’s time to hire a professional organizer?

  • When you’ve taken an online decluttering challenge every January for the past six years and you still have enough stuff to open your own thrift store.
  • When you’re sick of hiding things in the oven or behind the couch when visitors arrive.
  • When you see how your parents or grandparents are living and you realize you don’t want that for yourself.

When you’ve tried to declutter by yourself and gotten nowhere.

When you’ve tried to get organized with friends and the experiment ended quickly with hurt feelings all around.

  • When Get Organized always tops your New Year’s resolution list.
  • When you have a second child and realize the stuff has quadrupled instead of merely doubling.
  • When a crisis hits and you realize on a gut level that life’s too short to waste any more time hunting through the piles. 

When You’re Ready

If today is not that day, don’t worry. But don’t wait too long. Every day you let go by living in a place that bothers you with mess and clutter spilling all over the place, is a day you’re not spending enjoying a clean, clear welcoming space that you can really call home.

Don’t be ashamed. Don’t worry about whether you have the worst house I’ve ever seen. Don’t despair that because you haven’t been able to fix this problem, no one can. If your attempts to deal with clutter have been overwhelming and frustrating, I can help you take care of this problem compassionately, cheerfully and completely nonjudgmentally.

My clients include people who realize that downsizing is going to be hell on wheels if they don’t do something about their clutter now, and people whose ADHD (formally diagnosed or not) has stymied their best efforts to get organized.

When You’ve Had Enough

I offer a complimentary 30 minute in-home consultation to discuss your project. Please call (720) 526-2114 or email lucy@joyfulsurroundingsllc.com.


My rate is $85 per hour. Each session is three hours.

The Joyful Surroundings Difference

I Get the ADHD Brain

With my training and experience working with ADHD, I bring a creativity that all my clients appreciate, whether they’ve been formally diagnosed or not.

“You have such an easy way of keeping me on track, of asking all the right questions, of respecting my choices, and providing a way to make organization work!”

Evanne B., Boulder

Lucy brings tons of creativity to her work, and sees things in a way I couldn’t have imagined initially.  Everything she touches feels fresher and brighter.  I’m so grateful to work with her.”

Beatrice G., Louisville

I Can Handle a Full House

My specialized training through the Institute of Challenging Disorganization qualifies me to work in situations that many organizers prefer to avoid. If you have a significant amount of clutter, please read more here.

“Thank you for making it so incredibly easy to finally clear out my study mess! We have been getting a ton of use out of the study – thank you for making it possible for us to enjoy the room again!”

A.G., Boulder

“Lucy helped me let go of a ton of things I never imagined I could say “goodbye” to, and she did it in such a nice gentle way it wasn’t overwhelming at all!”

Kendra N., Longmont

I’m Easy to Work With

My process takes away the shame and the embarrassment. As we work together to get things straightened out, you’ll learn insider skills and strategies. Keeping your home organized after I’m gone will be simple.

“Lucy’s approach to decluttering just makes sense to me.  She focuses on the individual, and is well aware that what works for one person might not for another. She has a unique combination of kindness and clarity of thought.”

Sarah G., Louisville

“I especially appreciated how Lucy did not judge or make us embarrassed about anything. It was really a pleasure to organize, something I would have thought impossible before!”

Sarah C., Boulder

Banish Clutter and Live Your Life

Lucy Kelly, Professional Organizer

“I love what I do and I’d love to help you!”

Contact Lucy Kelly at Joyful Surroundings LLC by calling (720) 526-2114, emailing lucy@joyfulsurroundingsllc.com or filling out the form below. I return all messages within 24 hours.