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Pandemic Countdown Week 8: Frilly Frocks

This week’s challenge is to take a ruthless look at the frilly frocks and smart sailor suits in your kids’ closets. They’re so adorable and your kids look darling in them but how many are enough?

Before you have kids, you don’t really know how tired you’re going to be. You think you do, but you have no idea.

My son didn’t sleep through the night for years, if he in fact does now. He finally learned not to tell us about it but those were some sleepless years. You think you’re going to have time to organize your kids’ clothes but you don’t understand the mountains of hand-me-downs and gifts that are headed your way. Everyone who’s ever had a baby suddenly wants to give you all their kids’ outgrown clothes and it seems like a wonderfully generous gift, a great way to save money.

Don’t be fooled. Those people just can’t face decluttering and organizing their kids’ clothes so they’re passing the chore onto you.

You’ll tip the clothes onto the bed to go through them and you’re going to be drawn to the super cute outfits. But playing dress up with your baby is ten times more fun in your imagination than it is when you’re facing a squirming, irritated baby. All kids have sensory issues when faced with these outfits, because they’re made for viewing not for wearing. The collars are too tight, getting their arms into the sleeves is torture and the lace and the frills drive them absolutely nuts.

Set a Frilly Frock Quota

Which is why today’s pandemic challenge is to go through all those super cute outfits and pick two per child. This challenge is actually very easy because they’re hanging in the closet already. Their day-to-day clothes are in the laundry and all over the floor but those picture-perfect dresses, smocks and smart little three-piece suits are safely on their tiny hangers at the back of the closet.

Assess the situation and choose two favorite smocked, laced, beribboned outfits for each child. Donate the rest so the cycle can continue. Don’t worry, they’ll be snapped up in a heartbeat by people who’ve forgotten how impractical they are, and parents-to-be who don’t know what you know yet.


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