two tall stacks of paperwork and files

Pandemic Paperwork Special

Even people who don’t usually struggle with organization have a hard time with paper. For people who get overwhelmed when they try to organize, paperwork is a nightmare. Let me make dealing with it easier for you.

While we wait for vaccinations to roll out, I’m offering a low-contact way to get your paperwork taken care of. If paperwork is your nemesis, you might want to jump on this before I return to in person organizing.

The program’s as easy as 1-2-3

1 – Masked, socially distant curbside pickup from your home

2 – Organizing magic happens offsite while you forget about it

3 – Your professionally organized paperwork is returned to you

I pre-sort it all for you into your unique and specific categories. You get written recommendations for next steps for every single piece of paper.

Your paperwork is 100% confidential.


Includes the cost of

  • pick up from your home
  • organizing supplies I use to create your organized paperwork
  • professional organizing of all paperwork
  • drop off at your home
  • in person (via Zoom or text/email) discussion of any items which need your direct input to organize

$95 per box*

*1 box = a small moving box (12″ tall – 12″ deep – 16″ deep) That’s a lot of paper!