two tall stacks of paperwork and files

Paperwork Challenge Day 3

Today’s the day to open the bankers box pack and assemble a few of them. If you’ve done this before, it’ll take you less than 30 seconds per box but if you’ve never put together a bankers box before, you may want to check out this clip. I don’t know who this person is, but he does a great job of unraveling the mysteries of bankers box assembly.

Once you’ve put a few of these boxes together, grab your marker pen and label your boxes.

Box 1: medical or health or whatever word works best for that area of life for you

Box 2: financial or money or your choice of words that mean that area of life for you

Box 3: sentiment or memorabilia – for all those pieces of paper we keep because they make us smile

Write your chosen label of all four sides of the box to save future irritation.

Put the boxes in the room with the paper.

Great job, I’ll see you tomorrow for Day 4!



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