two tall stacks of paperwork and files

Paperwork Challenge Day 6

Keep sorting papers, twenty minutes at a time, until you have all the papers distributed into bankers boxes. Could take a while or it could take twenty minutes, depending on how much paperwork you’re sorting.

This could be the end of the process for you if you’d like – your papers are no longer jumbled into piles, you’ve organized them by category. Now if you want to find a bill, you know to look in the money box. If you feel like keeping all this year’s Christmas cards, you can toss them in the sentiment box. Congratulations on making life easier for yourself!

If you’d like to continue the challenge, you’ll need some file folders. Go get some today and come back here tomorrow! If you don’t have a thin marker pen (as opposed to the bigger one you labeled the boxes with), pick up one of those while you’re there too.

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