How Much Does Organizing Cost?

Getting organized can mean different things to different people. To some it’s a beautifully decorated space with everything nestled into the right storage, to others it means being able to walk across the floor without tripping on anything, being able to cook in the kitchen, to use the bathtub, and finally put their car in the garage.

Organizing as Household Maintenance

If organizing means putting things in pretty containers and hiding everything else in the basement, hiring an organizer to help you do that is going to cost less up front because you can hire newer, less experienced organizers to do this manual labor. Expect to pay between $20 and $40 an hour. Of course, you can pay more but you’ll easily find lower priced organizers who can do the same job.

Be prepared to have them back every time you want to move, when there’s an influx of seasonal gifts or whenever your Amazon orders take over the place again. Their lower hourly price needs to be multiplied by the number of times you’ll need them again.

It’s kind of like a lawn service. You don’t just have them mow the grass once and then sit back and enjoy your garden for the rest of the summer. Grass grows again, weeds come back up, so you have the lawn service return on a frequent basis to keep that beautiful lawn looking perfect.

Are You Looking for an Organizer or a Personal Assistant?

Some organizers will pick up your dry cleaning, water your plants, and help you hang those pictures on the wall. The price range will vary from low (around $25 an hour) to pricey (well over $100 an hour).  At the lower price end, there’ll be higher turnover as the hobbyists move on to other interests and business owners realize what it takes to be sustainable. But there’ll always be a pool of incoming new organizers who will tidy things up for you and charge around $30 an hour. And there’ll always be high priced organizers whose business model includes concierge services.

Organizing for Change

Organizers who are focused on helping you deal with the root of the problem will charge a higher rate but you won’t need to use them for as long. They’ll work with you to come up with systems that help your home run more smoothly and you won’t need to pay someone to come and put it all back together every month. Expect to pay in the range of $60 to $120 an hour.

You’ll work together to declutter your space and then find places for what remains. This personalized customization will take time depending on how quickly you make decisions and how much stuff you have. Bear in mind that you won’t have to keep having them come back, so your overall costs may actually be less than hiring a lower priced organizer.

Be Clear What You’re Looking For

You get what you pay for which is why it’s so important to be clear about what you want to pay for. If you want to have someone come in every week to freshen the orchids and straighten the kids’ messy playroom, you and your organizer will both be frustrated if they keep trying to teach you how to set up the playroom so the kids can take care of it while you just want them to come in and take care of the problem each week.

How Much Does Joyful Surroundings LLC Cost?

I work with clients to effect change. That means I don’t do packing or unpacking unless we’re talking about finally opening those unopened boxes from your last five moves. My goal is to work with you to set up systems that mean you’re no longer overwhelmed by your house and your stuff.

My particular focus is on helping people who feel overwhelmed whenever they try to declutter or organize and who are ready to try something different. They want to be able to have people over for dinner parties without feeling embarrassed. They want their children to feel comfortable bringing friends home. They would love to finally put their car in the garage.

The cost is $85 per hour for this specialized service and I work in three hour sessions.

  • Customized packages are available to fit the scope of your project.
  • You’ll work exclusively with me. You’ll never have to cope with less skilled team members or unfamiliar subcontractors.
  • I limit the size of my practice to ensure you get the full benefit of my time, energy and attention.

Joyful Surroundings LLC guarantee: By the time we’re done, you’ll be able to find anything you own within five minutes.

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