Isn’t getting organized really expensive?

If you rent a mid-sized storage space in the Boulder & Longmont area, expect to pay around $250 a month. That’s $3,000 every year. How long have you been renting your storage unit(s) for?

How much do you spend each month to replace things you know you have but can’t find?

How many times a week do you eat out because the kitchen’s too disorganized to cook in?

Do you dread opening your credit card bills? Is Amazon your best friend? Are you practicing expensive “retail therapy” to numb the pain, shame and stress you feel about your out of control home?

Pricing & Packages

I don’t believe in being coy about pricing so I post my rates upfront instead of asking you to call to discuss them. I know you’re an adult who makes your decisions based on many factors, one of which is price. With full costs disclosed here in writing, and no hidden surcharges, you can be guaranteed my rates are the same for everyone – there’ll be no inflation because of your zip code or the scope of your project.

You can also be assured that when you hire Joyful Suroundings LLC, you will be working directly with me from start to finish. No untrained assistants, no unfamiliar subcontractors – you’ll enjoy the continuity and confidentiality of working with the same experienced organizing professional for each and every organizing session.

Getting Started $720

Three 3 hour decluttering & organizing sessions (9 hours total).

Getting Serious $1,350

Six 3 hour decluttering & organizing sessions (18 hours total) Total package value $1,440 – save $90

Committed to Change $2,520

Twelve 3 hour decluttering & organizing sessions (36 hours total) Total package value $2,880 – save $360

All packages are prepaid by cash, check or credit card via PayPal or Square (Visa, MasterCard, American Express, Discover).

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