After your free 30 minute consultation, we’ll schedule an initial three hour session for $250. This gives you an opportunity to experience a decluttering session for yourself and for us to make sure we’re a good fit. We work for 90 minutes, take a 30 minute break and then work for a further 90 minutes. I leave your home during the break, so you can eat and recharge.

If you like what we were able to accomplish in that first session – most people are thrilled –  we’ll go ahead and schedule four more sessions, meeting weekly over a month. This four session package costs $975, saving you $25. 

It’s important for the success of your project that we maintain the momentum. If we were to spread your sessions out and work every few weeks (or longer), your project would stall. It’s far more cost effective to put your time, energy and resources upfront so we get you the results you’re looking for as quickly and efficiently as we can. Once your systems are in place, I do offer monthly/quarterly maintenance check in sessions as needed.

I ask for a commitment to follow through on mutually agreed tasks between our sessions. These tasks will be very small, purposely designed not to be overwhelming and we’ll come up with them together, adjusting as we go. I’ve learned that if assigned tasks go unaddressed, there’s little chance of us making a permanent change.

I do not work in situations where there’s an excessive amount of cat dander, where there is rodent or bed bug infestation, or where mold/mildew are present.

Donation drop off included

Full reporting services included

24/7 access to online scheduling

Joyful Surroundings LLC’s guarantee: By the time we’re done, you’ll be able to find anything you own within five minutes, including paperwork.