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Keep Going!

It’s mid January and those resolutions are starting to falter. Fear not, here’s fresh inspiration to keep you going.

Show Someone They’re Wrong

Don’t underestimate the value of spite. We’ll call it competitive spirit. They say you can’t do it? Show ’em.

Perhaps you want to invite your grandkids over without seeing that dubious look in their mother’s eyes. It’s hurtful to feel judged like that but you haven’t been able to deny her safety concerns. Changing that will give you the chance to quietly show her she was wrong about you. Nice? Maybe not, but if it’ll fuel your determination, it’s a completely valid way to get going.

Show Someone They’re Right

When you have someone who cheers you on, telling you they know you can tackle the clutter, it feels wonderful to show them their confidence was well placed.

Who do you know who’s in your corner? Keep them in mind as you work steadily and enjoy the big reveal when they see what you’ve been able to get done. Send them before and after pictures so they can cheer you on really specifically.

Show Yourself What You’re Made Of

When you struggle to get organized and keep up with the clutter, it’s all too easy to get down on yourself. No wonder this place is such a mess, you think, I can never do anything right.

Challenge that thinking and start proving to yourself that you can do this. Take it slow and steady, setting your timer for 20 minutes. Stop when it rings. Notice that when you do a little every day, you get so much done over time.

Show Up For Your Life

It’d be easy to let another year (another decade?) go by without really making a dent in the clutter. Is that what you want for yourself? If you’re ready to change and you find you just can’t, stop trying to reinvent the wheel. You get help for all sorts of other things in your life, why is organizing any different?


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