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Get access to the decluttering challenge you’ll actually do

Send It Away Saturday is the antidote to all those decluttering magazine and blog articles that breezily suggest you declutter your house in 30 days, using their simple and easy checklists.

You’ve seen these insane challenges

“Day One: clean out the kitchen cupboards.”

“Day Two: organize the fridge, the freezer, and the pantry.”

“Day Three: make a meal plan for the next twelve months. Easy-peasy!”

These challenges are for people who already know how to declutter and organize. They think everyone else should “just” get organized already. They have no idea how hard this can be.

Send It Away Saturday keeps it real

Each Saturday, find one thing you can let go. Just one and then you’re done.
It can be anything at all, from a piece of junk mail to a grand piano. A shoe that’s lost its mate to a magazine you’ve been wanting to read for the past five years.
Each week, I’ll offer you a decluttering prompt to get you thinking about what you can let go of. Tell me what you sent away and I’ll write back, cheering you on. I read and reply to every email personally.

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