“I especially appreciated how Lucy did not judge or make us embarrassed about anything. It was really a pleasure to organize, something I would have thought impossible before!”

Sarah C., Boulder

“Your friendly and goal-oriented approach helped me stay on task.”

Jessica H., Boulder


“Thank you for making it so incredibly easy to finally clear out my study mess! We have been getting a ton of use out of the study – thank you for making it possible for us to enjoy the room again!”

A.G., Boulder

“I am so struck by my increasing sense that this goal of mine is possible. Rather than feeling intimidated, I’m feeling more playful and easy about it, even enthusiastic. Thank you so much for guiding me in this process! Having a handle on the stuff that my home consists of has been key to achieving this increased ease and confidence.”

Amber O’H., Boulder


“You have such an easy way of keeping me on track, of asking all the right questions, of respecting my choices, and providing a way to make organization work!”

Evanne B., Boulder

“The first time I used Lucy’s service was when I wanted to create a special work space in our little home. I didn’t quite know where to begin, felt *stuck* and was thrilled when Lucy came in, and knew exactly where to start.  Lucy was able to see the possibilities, where I was just bogged down by my stuff. I appreciated her gentle non-judgmental spirit. Another plus was Lucy left with the stack of things I wanted to get rid of, so I didn’t have another task to add to my *to do* list.”

Colette N., Longmont

“What a wonderful gift you gave me. The bedroom feels like a completely different place.  You are amazing–you helped me do things I could never do by myself. It was wonderful to see that trunkful of stuff just drive away. I love how the little iron bookshelf looks in the living room. I almost feel like I could have people over or something!  My sisters were astonished at how nice my house looked after your amazing work! They think you are a miracle worker.  The house feels wonderful.”

Camille I.

I tell clients that if I can reorganize a high school library, I can handle whatever size project they want to bring me. I spearheaded a transition from a traditional library to a more practical bookstore model for this large high school library’s nonfiction collection of over 6,000 books.  The number of books checked out increased dramatically.  After a year the library was buzzing with energy. Students and teachers loved it with both saying the library was far more accessible than ever before.  “I’ve really enjoyed working with Lucy here on our project at Monarch High School.  She brings tons of creativity to her work, and sees things in a way I couldn’t have imagined initially.  Everything she touches feels fresher and brighter.  I’m so grateful to work with her.”

Beatrice G., Louisville

“I think I’ve always wanted a “normal” home – one that was neat and clean. Not “show-room” perfect, but one where you could have company over and not be ashamed.

When my wife and I separated and moved out of our home of 18 years, there were boxes stacked shoulder and head high with pathways to get around. And, yes, there were coupons that had expired 7 or 8 years earlier. And old newspapers.

I went through this scenario when I moved to my present home as well. I felt overwhelmed by all of the stuff. I no longer had the mechanisms in place to deal with it. I had lost the ability to deal with it, and it just piled up.

Someone said there are people that could help me with all of the clutter. I looked on the internet and Google came up with a category of “Professional Organizer”. YES! Just what I needed!

I had always told myself that I didn’t mind letting go of some of the stuff as long as it went to a good home. Lucy found places that wanted things and encouraged me to find places on my own.

Lucy has done wonders with me! I’m still a work in progress, but I’m learning the skills to manage things on my own and, hopefully, can hone those skills in other areas as it becomes necessary. We’ve set up a wonderful filing system that I can manage on my own – and can extend to a filing system for my hobby stuff.

Lucy has been a Godsend for me. I now have the confidence to tackle some of these projects on my own. I’m not perfect, but my girlfriend and my daughters have all commented on how wonderful my home looks now. And it is!”

Chip Stewart, Longmont