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You vs. stuff: Who wins?

You are as important as your stuff. It sounds obvious, but few of us live that way. When you look around, does it look like you live there or does it look like you happen to share space with a bunch of stuff?

Do you use the space within your four walls freely or do you sidle past the true occupant, your stuff? If your stuff stops you using areas of your house, it has overstepped its boundaries.

Living somewhere as opposed to being roommates with your stuff feels different. If you live in your living room, then your favorite chair is inviting and the stack of books and magazines next to it are things you’re excited to read.

When you and stuff are uneasy roommates, the chair is covered with random things that you threw on there, and if the magazines and books are anywhere near the chair they’re almost certainly things you feel like you should read.

If the basement was long ago taken over by odds and ends, broken things to fix, and boxes and boxes of perfectly good hardware supplies you haven’t used in thirty years, then your stuff owes you rent.

It’s time for a change

Like the roommate who leaves their stuff all over the house, it’s time to serve an eviction notice on your clutter. When you’re thinking in terms of decades of non-use, it’s time to feel the fear and get some space back.

If it’s more important for you to find the perfect home for everything before you can allow yourself to let anything go, then your stuff has you on the ropes. Why is it more important that the kick-knacks go to someone you know personally who vows to cherish them forever than for you to be able to decorate your house how you like it?

This Saturday, is it time to start helping your mess move on? Join the Send it Away Saturday decluttering challenge and let’s get going.

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by Lucy Kelly